Rebel Support Your Sport

It''s about time someone started to reward people for training hard and gave something back to our local
sporting communities.
Our future champions are in our club right now and they deserve great sporting facilities & a great club to be part of.
That''s why Rebel have launched Support Your Sport, a program that backs our club to be the best for you.

For every member purchase the club will receive 5% of that transaction in the form of in-store credit. So everytime you shop at Rebel you just have to remember to swipe your Season Pass or Rebel active loyalty card.
That means the more you shop the more store credit we accumulate and the more we can give back to our members by improving your sporting facilities & equipment. 

To receive the "Support Your Sport" club membership card, simply mention our club name on your first Rebel purchase in store.

Happy shopping & remember to swipe your card.