Committee - 2018

    Frank Marchi EMail:

    Vice President &Club Secretary
    Kathy Milevski EMail:

    Matt Della Vedova EMail:

    Assistant Secretary
    Michael Hare EMail:

    Sherif Yazbeck EMail:

    Mini Soccer Convenor
    Lars Herngren EMail:

    Junior Convenor (U10 - U11)
    Michael Hare EMail:

    Youth (U12 - U18) Convenor
    Matthew Della Vedova EMail:

    Men's Senior (18 +) Convenor
    Mitch Tracey EMail:

    Gear Co-ordinator
    Andrew Alice EMail:

    Women's Convenor
    Elizabeth Lawrence EMail:

    Member Protection Officer
    Elizabeth Lawrence EMail:

    Director of Coaching
    Frank Marchi EMail:

    Summer Soccer Convenor
    Frank Marchi EMail:

    Canteen Manager
    Kathy Tracey EMail:

    Fundraising / Events Manager
    Kath Della Vedova EMail:

    Marketing Manager
    Kathy Tracey EMail:

    GHFA Delegate
    Richard Copnall EMail:

    IT Manager
    Andy Polfreman EMail:

    Committee Member
    Clare Lawrence

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